Custom Made Jackets in leather, twill, and will with any logos, anything, anywhere! Design your own. viking

Jacket Sizing Specs
So... why not get started right now?!! Click on the image to the left and you can print out a jacket template. You don't need to be an artist. Just scratch, scribble, and doodle to give us a basic idea of what you want. Then you can e-mail us your designs. Our graphics department will take it from there and help you create a one-of-a-kind jacket of your own design.

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Jacket Sizing Specs

Pant Sizing Specs

Graphic Designers: Here at Viking we work with Vector Art files to create our color previews and proofs. We then use these exact art files to make our patterns to build your jacket. With the links to the right, you can download the Illustrator or EPS files to work with.
(these are zip files)

Jacket v.10
Jacket v.3.0
Jacket Template.EPS v.10
Jacket Template.EPS v.3.0